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Kimchi Fried Rice


Click to watch the process! Frying the kimchi video

There are endless combinations of kimchi fried rice by adding egg, subbing meats etc. But there is one non-negotiable: YOU MUST use day old rice! Why you ask? If you use fresh, hot rice, the grain fills with too much water from the sauce and heat. You will end up with soggy, not-so-fried rice.

When you use day old rice (I refrigerate mine packed in an airtight container), the grains have had a chance to cool and become chewy. When it comes time for the rice to be fried, it has a chance at being flash fried, locking in the flavors but not too much of the liquid.

Also, as with all recipes that involve cooking kimchi, the more pungently aged, the better!



  • 4 cups cooked calrose rice (preferably cooked the day before) 

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