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Kimchi Love Affair

A Korean side dish I insist on eating everyday & here’s why…

Kimchi (pickled vegetables) is one of the most distinct dishes in Korean cuisine. There are hundreds of varieties, the most popular types being cabbage, radish and cucumber. It’s spicy, sour, pungent taste is perhaps an acquired taste but one worth getting used to if you don’t immediately vibe with it. I have always LOVED it…


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Korea, my Mother's Land

Korea for the first time…and why it felt like home

November 5, 2012

When I was little, I wanted to look like my white friends at school. I envied their hair that glittered gold in the sun and wide eyes filled with hope. I never felt fully accepted anywhere I went, including my childhood home in Los Angeles. My father raised us to be conscious and accepting of all people in the world, yet…


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