Annyeong!!! (Hello!)

I absolutely love everything about curating the best Korean ingredients and making it work for everyone! Email me for questions, recipe requests and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!





I have always LOVED hosting brunch, lunch, snack and dinner parties and thought,

“Hey, why don’t I start cooking with you LIVE!”

I have the amazing opportunity to be hosted by Airsubs, and cook virtually with you!

What you'll get

  • EXCLUSIVE RECIPES!!! (These are recipes I don’t publish anywhere else!)
  • One on one tips
  • Live Q &A
  • On camera, live instructions of exactly what I’m doing and why
  • Silliness & fun while cooking

Learn How To Plate

Classes are powered through Zoom and I’ll be on camera but you don’t have to be.

So grab your friends, family, partner, kids, or even fry solo and let’s cook together!

Ask Me Things!

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Weekly classes & even more throughout the holidays!

Also, there will be product giveaways each class so don’t miss out!